Category: Luminous Classes

Find our Luminous classes in one place. Our themes range from Tarot to Crystals to Magic and Rituals.

Spiritual Storytelling

In this class Christopher Rivas talks about what our stories can teach us about waking up? How can our personal stories reveal to us the things we weren’t able to see in the moment? How can they reveal us? This workshop is dedicate to the truths and knowings […]

The Five Elemental Quartzes

Quartz is the second most common mineral out there and it is one of the key elements in crystal healing. In this series Naha Armady goes through the main quartz crystals that correspond to each of the elements. The class also includes a guided healing meditation with each […]

The Power of Breath

In this series Andrew Martin goes deep into understanding the power that lies in our breath. With loads of interesting knowledge and simple exercises, you can elevate your vibrations and deal with difficult situations better.